«Племянник чародея»

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[17] “Is Mr Ketterley really mad?”

[18] “Well either he’s mad,” said Digory, “or there’s some other mystery. He has a study on the top floor and Aunt Letty says I must never go up there. Well, that looks fishy to begin with. And then there’s another thing. Whenever he tries to say anything to me at meal times—he never even tries to talk to her—she always shuts him up. She says, “Don’t worry the boy, Andrew” or “I’m sure Digory doesn’t want to hear about that” or else “Now, Digory, wouldn’t you like to go out and play in the garden?”

[19] “What sort of things does he try to say?”

[20] “I don’t know. He never gets far enough. But there’s more than that. One night—it was last night in fact—as I was going past the foot of the attic-stairs on my way to bed (and I don’t much care for going past them either) I’m sure I heard a yell.”

[21] “Perhaps he keeps a mad wife shut up there.”

[22] “Yes, I’ve thought of that.”

[23] “Or perhaps he’s a coiner.”


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