«Дом ста дорог»

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— Чармейн должна помочь, — настойчиво произнесла тётушка Семпрония. — Мы не можем бросить двоюродного дедушку Уильяма одного. ">3] "Charmain must do it," said Aunt Sempronia. "We can't leave Great-Uncle William to face this on his own."

[4] "Your Great-Uncle William?" said Mrs. Baker. "Isn't he-" She coughed and lowered her voice because this, to her mind, was not quite nice. "Isn't he a wizard?"

[5] "Of course," said Aunt Sempronia. "But he has-" Here she too lowered her voice. "He has a growth, you know, on his insides, and only the elves can help him. They have to carry him off in order to cure him, you see, and someone has to look after his house. Spells, you know, escape if there's no one there to watch them. And I am far too busy to do it. My stray dogs' charity alone-"

[6] "Me too. We're up to our ears in wedding cake orders this month," Mrs. Baker said hastily. "Sam was saying only this morning-"


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